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A Family Dentist in Conyers Explains the Importance of Dental Cleanings

April 3, 2019

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a family holding up photos of their smilesSpring is in full effect, and what better time for you and your family to get ready for summer with a clean and refreshing smile? Regular dental checkups and cleanings can not only give you the fresh feeling you enjoy, but your family dentist in Conyers can make sure your mouth is free from tooth decay, gum disease, cavities, and even oral cancer. But do you know what can happen if you miss your scheduled cleanings? Find out why these six-month checkups are so important and what can happen if you miss too many.

Gum Disease

If you notice your gums are red, puffy, and maybe even bleeding while brushing or flossing, you have gum disease. What can start as gingivitis, which can be easily reversed with a thorough cleaning and practicing good oral habits at home, can quickly advance to a much worse situation. Periodontitis develops when the bacteria and plaque burrow beneath the gum line and begin to wear away at your bone structure. This causes your teeth to loosen and even fall out.

By attending your regularly scheduled appointments, your dentist in Conyers will be able to effectively clean and eliminate any bacteria buildup around the gum line to prevent gum disease from developing.


Too much sugar in your diet? While you may think it’s an old wives’ tale, eating too much sugar can cause tooth decay and ultimately, cavities. If you want to keep money in your pocket and out of the dentist chair any more than necessary, you’ll let your dental hygienist thoroughly clean your teeth to ensure there’s no opportunity for cavities to form. If your children are at risk, it’s highly advisable to talk to your dentist about fluoride treatments and dental sealants to help fight tooth decay and strengthen your child’s tooth enamel.


Six-month checkups and cleanings are a great time to have your dentist remove any surface stains that have developed since your last visit. Discoloration and stains leave your teeth looking less than pearly white. If you’re wanting to look your best, let your dentist in Conyers clean and polish your teeth, giving them that smooth texture you love so much and a smile that is stain-free.

Restoration Checkup

Whether it’s a crown, dental implant, dentures, or porcelain veneers, your dentist will want to look at your dental work to make sure they’re in good condition. Should you have any broken, chipped, or damaged restorations, you’ll need to have them replaced as soon as possible to prevent additional problems.

Oral Cancer

Probably one of the most important reasons to have a regular dental checkup and cleaning is to be screened for oral cancer. Your dentist is the best person to help with early detection. Oral cancer, if caught early, is highly treatable; however, if it’s caught too late, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to treat. Let your dentist look for any signs or symptoms that could be causes for concern.

Don’t waste any more time! Make sure your smile is ready for summer. Talk to your dentist today about scheduling your family for a dental checkup and cleaning. You’ll be looking back at your summer photos and be glad you did!

About the Author
Dr. Anushka Amin graduated from the University of Georgia before earning her dental degree from the Medical College of Georgia. Practicing for more than four years, she enjoys having the ability to change peoples’ fears and misconceptions about the dental experience. As an active member of the community, she is continually learning, looking for new ways to keep her skills sharp. To learn more about Dr. Amin and the services we offer, contact us at (770) 922-0511.

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